Monday, October 5, 2009

Call of Duty MW2 Campaign Trailer

James Bond 007 missed the first Modern Warfare campaign - one of the greatest single player FPS campaigns ever. Will history repeat itself? Or will we learn from the errors of our past?


Chronic said...

Personally, as good as I think the MW2 campaign will be its going to be so tough to top the original, which in my book has no equal among FPS games except for Half Life 2 and its episodes.

In fact, I think Im going to fire up the original again on Veteran and get warmed up for Novemeber.

If you want to know the meaning of awesome in videogame form, click on this clip.

umopapisdnpuaq said...

On Veteran? So harsh, it really helps get you into the intensity of the game though.

You should join the Mile High Club too then at the end ;) Once you work a rhythmn out you can surge through.

Chronic said...

Veteran is actually pretty good in CoD4, I think Ive finished half the game on that difficulty. Its hard, probably a bit TOO hard, but it is do-able. Its right on the edge.

In CoD World At War, Veteran was just dumb. Enemies would grenade and snipe you from across the map; just progressing a few feet into the first level was almost impossible.

Ive heard they have tweaked how enemies respawn in CoDMW2, so basically they wont keep coming out you infinitely, and I think this will alleviate many of the problems with the higher difficulties and how progression through certain areas of the game could sometimes grind to a halt in a hail of never ending grenades.

umopapisdnpuaq said...

Oh yes, I spent a looong time and all my ammo at the part after sniping where you head into the housing estates past some buses with dogs and a lot of enemies.

After dying a lot trying to push through I found a good spot with cover to take out all the enemy first, or at least thin down the numbers.

Then it became clear they would never stop coming.

For us Veteran is definitely the right level to play it on. The training mission at the start suggested I was right on the border for Veteran at first so I did it some more until I properly beat it then and sliced up some melons!

Happy days...

bond said...


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