Monday, October 12, 2009

Dirty Tracks and Dirty Tricks

The Codemasters? I wouldn't have expected it from them but their anticipated DLC for Dirt 2 turns out to be 800 points for 2 cheat codes. No new content, nothing downloaded. So you can't call it DLC surely?

"As explained by Senior Executive Producer Gavin Raeburn, the said DLC would allow players to personalise and augment the boxed game – a vague and intriguing statement."

DiRT 2 Trust Fund ($4.99)
Why wait? Unlock all vehicles, liveries and upgrades instantly with the DiRT 2 Trust Fund Pack. Download now and experience 35 killer rides and access all upgrades and 93 liveries.
File size: 370 KB

DiRT 2 Access All Areas ($4.99)
Unlock every DiRT 2 World Tour event and track with the Access All Areas Pack! Get VIP entry to 100 events set on 41 tracks. You’ll also gain exclusive access to X-Games events with their electric atmosphere, outrageous courses and intense competition.
File size: 370 KB

The game already has a flashback feature to make it easier to complete the campaign racing. It's very sad and yet I must admit if EA had released a Euro code for B3 they'd have raked in the cash from many thousands of people.

Ha, ha

"The model that Codemasters should probably follow is that of Criterion. The developer has created a ton of new content for the open world racing game is has designed, Burnout Paradise. Only recently have they begun to charge money for the DLC that they released and only for those packages adding significantly to the game. One model that Codemasters should not follow is that of Skate 2 developer Black Box and publisher Electronic Arts. The first piece of DLC they put out was designed to open up the game and unlock all the content in the skating game."

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Darth Mikal said...

That's sick... Back in the day many games already had full unlock codes, it was just a bitch to find them without internet... Now we have to pay? No no no no no....

umopapisdnpuaq said...

I admit there is a growing demand for this kind of thing as more casual gamers get into these kind of games, but without the 'work ethic' regular gamers have.

A lot have no idea there used to be things called cheat codes you could find and use and they find it annoying to not have access to content they've paid for.

This guy (speaking about Gears of War 2 and GTAIV) speaks for those people. He is a comedian and a casual gamer so he'd be the kind of person to buy this DLC even if it was grudgingly.

BlankVoid said...

They actually let you buy all the cars in Burnout Paradise for $5 on PS3.

Only reason i would ever consider it is because i already played the game on 360 and unlocked everything, sold the 360 version then my dad got a PS3 version.

Casual gaming is over-rated.

Chronic said...

Im as guilty as the next guy about whining when games being too hard, but usually I reserve my ire for games (or sections of games) that actually are really freaking hard, like the extreme tracks in Trials HD or the latter stages of N+.

But this review of the XBLA indie game Jump 01 takes the cake for whiney, lazy game reviewers:

Destructoid Review of Jump 01

Jump 01 is a game I was able to beat on my third time ever playing, with a total playtime of under 2 hours! In fact, its MUCH easier than the original Super Mario Bros, and yet he compares the game explicitly to Ikaruga? Are you fucking kidding me? Ikaruga is one of the hardest games of ALL TIME! Jump 01 hands out extra lives like Willy Wonka hands out candies at his chocolate factory!

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