Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When It Comes To Music, Try Harder

Your taste in music needs work - even if its already very good. You need to buy more new music, and explore new horizons. Im not saying that to any one person who reads this blog, Im saying it to everyone, because its true - and it applies to me as well.

Listening to music is extremely difficult. Anyone who tells you otherwise isnt really listening. Sure they may "hear" the music thats playing in the background, but they arent listening to it.

Truly listening to music, as an activity, has pretty much died off. Nowadays, people just throw on some MP3s while they surf the web, play some games, do work around the house, or exercise.

But how many of us really dedicate time not only to truly listening to music, but listening to new music or music which we dont think we like?

The answer is very very few. What was once an activity for the whole family in the 1960s, 70s and 80s has morphed into a pursuit for elitists and freaks - musicologists and audiophiles.

How many of us have an exhaustive collection of punk, rockabilly, jazz, hip hop, trance, dub, metal, funk, classic rock, bubblegum pop, classical, avante garde, blues, modern rock, reggae, world music, classic rap, and country - let alone the dozens of other genres I didnt list? None of us - and its shameful, and its simply because we are lazy.

You think music type X sucks? No, you suck, because you are too lazy and too closeminded to open your brain to trying something which is radically different.

You dont want to put in the effort to retrain your brain to like country music, or rap, or bubblegum pop, or whatever it is that you find unlistenable.

Im not saying that everything ever recorded is great. Im simply saying that for each genre, there are great artists and great albums, and if you cant appreciate them, its simply because you are either genetically defective, or you arent trying hard enough.

So stop making excuses and stop listening to the same thing over and over. To paraphrase the great George Clinton, Free your mind, And Your Ears Will Follow.


Chronic said...

I have two heroes when it comes to taste in music, and both are legendary music producers: Rick Rubin and Bill Laswell. Music production was what I always wanted to do with my life, and although I managed to do it for 10 years or so, various forces have pulled me away from it for now, inertia and the lack of financial stability being the two largest. If you have any interest, check out the biographies and discographies of for Rick Rubin and Bill Laswell here:

Rick Rubin Bio

Rick Rubin Discography

Bill Laswell Bio

Bill Laswell Discography

Darth said...

I'm Back! My 64-bit machine is finally working and running on win7. Can't wait to try out games on this baby!

Btw I like that Kate Perry song so much... Keeps getting stuck in my head.

Chronic said...

the song is musical crack, the video is brilliant, definitely the feelgood hit of the summer

Darth said...

Don't get me started about the video... :P

Nico said...

Great post.

umopapisdnpuaq said...

That Katy Perry video has had over 26 million views in a month and a half. So at this rate nobody will be left to discover it in about 5 years.

It took the pyramids probably 3000 years to get that many views!

uber crunch said...

We still need to hit up the Issue Project Room.