Friday, July 2, 2010

Portal 2 Trailer

It appears GLaDOS is still alive, how about the "readership" of this blog? I know you guys are out there lurking, you dont have to comment much just a one sentence quip will suffice to let me know if you find a post interesting. Ive been trying to post more, but its hard to get motivated to actually write, so its been mostly videos lately, and pretty random ones at that. Im still trying to get MD to create a new blog header. You guys have any ideas? Im thinking something along the lines of, CrunchyBlog 2.0 A completely random assortment of videos, game reviews, news, politics and poker.


umopapppoiisdonnn said...

My blog is dead too so I can't offer any advice. It's not lack of readers it's lack of content for me, nothing seems important enough to post. Plus the formatting has broken itself at some point and I can't fix it.

I don't mind much because it was never really a thing, but I want to see this crunchy blog and the bendertron 3000 blog keep going.

His Noodly Appendage said...

I can't wait for more Science and Cake!