Monday, July 19, 2010

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Trailer

So after over a decade of waiting, Starcraft 2 is finally coming out next week. The beta test formally came to an end today, and having played it a fair amount I have to say Im excited for the full release. I think Blizzard is making a mistake by not launching the game on the 360 and PS3 at the same time as the PC version, but they have their own way of doing things and if the game is as successful as anticipated then even the Wii will probably see a port. Between this game and Civilization 5 coming out later this year, and The Old Republic next year, I have to say Im excited at the possibility of getting back into PC gaming. As you can see from my Steam card on the right, I havent been playing much at all lately, mostly just indie games and coin-op MAME stuff. Starcraft 2 has a great chance of being the game that finally pulls me away from my 360 for a while. Halo Wars is a great game, but Starcraft is a sport.


umo said...

Seems like it's long overdue a 2. 1 must have gotten up to version by now :)

Chronic said...

They could have made at LEAST 3 Starcraft games since the last one came out in 1998. The fact that Blizzard chose not to and instead made Starcraft 2 into an epic $100M project replete with one of the biggest beta tests ever tells me that they understand how important the game is. Its going to be one of those rare, rare games that when its released, you wont need any balancing patches or glitch fixes, and its going to work with every videocard/processor combination made since 2000. It truly is going to be the very first MMO-RTS, except you wont have to pay a monthly fee - just purchase a legit copy of the game.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Starcraft have you seen this?