Wednesday, February 13, 2013

GT Antichamber Review

Rather than waste your time by posting an Aliens: Colonial Marines review (cliff notes: it blows monkey chunks), I am posting GT's review of a game I havent played yet but will shortly: Antichamber. This is a Portal like 3D puzzle/platforming game for the PC with a spartan, yet visually compelling graphical style and brain twisting game mechanics. The game has scored very highly on Metacritic and it has tons of people playing it now on Steam. My advice is rather than wait for it to go on sale next December, plop down $20 now and support the guy who spent years of his life making this totally unique experience.

The development started out as an accident: "The developer, Alexander Bruce, hit upon the idea when making a rookie coding error while making [another game]. The error resulted in a geometry far more abstract than a 2-D plane. Bruce said in a 2011 interview with Kotaku that 'the game started off as being all about geometry...I needed to find a way to represent that [non-physical geometry] to I needed to work out why we would need this non-physical geometry in the world and it took me a couple years but after combining geometry and space and perception, I realized that the real reason that this game is interesting and is working is because it's about psychology.'" - from the Antichamber Wikipedia page


Darth said...

umo said...

Hope you didn't buy it already Darth.

I watched some people on Giantbomb playing through this for a QuickLook and it took about an hour of shooting humans before any aliens even showed up. It looks really primitive.

umo said...

'This' being that, being Aliens, not Antichamber :)