Thursday, February 7, 2013

PS4 & Xbox 720 To Launch with Exclusive Racers

"Exclusive next-gen racing games could be set to launch with PS4 and Xbox 720, along with a new project from Killzone devs Guerilla Games to be revealed at Sony’s PlayStation Meeting event on February 20. The rumour suggests a team of ex-Bizarre developers – the studio behind Activision racer Blur – has been picked up by Sony’s Evolution Studios to make a next-gen PS4 racer similar to Project Gotham Racing.

The team is said to include Ged Talbot, lead designer of Blur and several PGR games. The rumour comes from STFUandPlay and a Polygon author posting on NeoGaf. It also states several members of the now-closed Studio Liverpool studio (of WipEout fame) have also joined Evolution to work on the game.

This title is said to be similar in style to Xbox series Project Gotham Racing. The team had allegedly wanted to make it part of the Gran Turismo series (like Forza Horizon), but Sony Japan refused. Internally, the title is being referred to as Europe’s biggest racing game in a decade – and is set to be shown off alongside a new title from Guerilla Games. Microsoft also has plans for a Project Gotham Racing 5 for Xbox 720’s launch, helmed by ex-Bizarre and Criterion developers."


Chronic said...

In my opinion, Burnout is too big a franchise for EA to hand it to Microsoft or Sony without asking for tens of millions up front and causing a lot of unhappy fans, so I think we are talking about the PGR/Forza series for MS and GranTurismo/XYZStreetRacer for Sony.

But it does beg the question. What the F is Criterion doing right now? Surely, they must be deep in development of the next Burnout game for the next gen consoles. What will it be like? Will it return to its roots with B3/Revenge style lap racing, or will it be another giant open world coop tree hugging free-for-all like Paradise, or some combination of the two?

umo said...

First off I spotted there has been some face-jacking by game developers of a British football manager. He's a drunken Irish Gangster called Doc in Omerta: City of Gangsters.

Now, on with the Ward Watch Updates:
Jan 25th - "Five years ago we opened the gates to Paradise City. Happy Fifth Birthday"

"If we were to make a sequel to Burnout Paradise - what should be in it? #BurnoutParadise2"

Jan 26th - "To be clear folks I was just "asking the audience" a fun question on our fifth anniversary. Highly unlikely we would."

Jan 31st - "True: We nearly sold Burnout to THQ years ago who wanted to make it into a HOT Wheels game. If ever in Calabasas again will visit DASH"

He can't even say anything without people clamouring for remakes of Burnout 2, 3, Revenge & Paradise. Remaking any of them would get big support, but he's always in search of pastures new.

I hope this next pair of games turns out better than Blur and Split Second. With Need For Speed filling out the open world games and these new ones dependent on buying a new console, Grid 2 in May is the next circuit game on the horizon.

That Ridge Racer last year was enough to put me off driving games for a long time.

BlankVoid said...

Was driving the other day and nearly hit a car, but dodged it in a Super Assassin sort of way; made me miss B3 and shredding through the streets getting ridiculous near misses. Still probably the best time i've spent on any online game.