Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Leaked Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Video

Leaked Battlefront III Footage by All-Games-Beta

BF3 alphaNov from Blue_Monkey on Vimeo

Apparently this game was cancelled or is being totally remade now, but after Disney purchased Lucasarts they completely shut down all new videogame production. Its amazing to me how they can get so far into development of what looks like a totally playable and fun game, only to decide that they "want to go in another direction" and toss all these assets and the hard work of the programmers and testers in the garbage. Ive heard of development hell, but I think where the Star Wars Battlefront franchise is concerned, this is a fate far worse than falling into a boiling pit of lava.


Darth said...

There was also this other Star Wars game in production with the codename: "StarWars 1313". I think you posted it sometime ago on this blog.

But yeah this is really, really sad... Especially if you're like me and grew up with Lucasarts' games like Dark Forces, Tie Fighter, Rebel Assault, Jedi Knight, Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle, Escape from Monkey Island or Grim Fadango.

R.I.P Lucasarts :'(

umo said...

Hey, guess who's just done a deal for EAxclusivity of making games in the Star Wars universe?

For god knows how long, every Star Wars game (that actually makes it to release) will have EA all over it. Maybe Star Wars Battlefield? Need For Light Speed? Medal of Jabba? Yoda's Edge? Darth Vader 2014: The New Force in Golf?