Friday, May 24, 2013

Xbox One Reveal

This picture reminds me of the classic Reggie Fils Amis "Gamecube - Sorry!" 


Chronic said...

My favorite story from this whole debacle has been that people who live streamed the reveal on their xbox had some unexpected complications with their Kinect: when one of the announcers would say "xbox" or "xbox live" it triggered the Kinect which would open a new menu, pausing the presentation. I kept happening which basically meant that the reveal was unwatchable on the xbox unless you disconnected your Kinect.

Pretty amazing how much they've overlooked in this whole ordeal, and these are the people who want to put a 24/7 voice, video, and motion sensing device in your living room. To say that Im in no rush to buy one would be a bit of an understatement.

umo said...

But imagine the possibilities...

If you're alone in your house, on a stormy night and the xbox/tv is off. You think you hear something and stumble backwards into the coffee table, knocking the Xbox ONE controller to the floor.

As you reach down to pick it up suddenly there's a loud whooshing sound and the TV comes on and the Xbox addresses you directly. "What is your bidding master?"

You scream "Aaaaagggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

The Xbox responds. "Please begin commands with 'XBOX ...'."

You give the XBOX the middle finger for scaring you.

"Your Gamertag has been suspended for 90 days due to violations of the code of conduct."

Chronic said...

Hilarious Xbox One Reveal Highlights Remix

Kinect Xbox One! TV TV TV TV TV! Interactive entertainment! Sport sports sports! Connected! TV TV TV TV TV! Digitally modeled dogs! Always online! Call of Duty Call of Duty Call of Duty! Sports TV TV TV TV Sports TV Call of Duty TV!

umo said...

The next 1 vs 100 for the new xbox will basically be IngSoc-roft's way of disseminating Newspeak.

"The Xbox One is the name of which console?"

Xbox? Xbox 360? Xbox One? or None?

"The games have always been only a license, this is the most convenient way."

That's true. I agree. Of course. or Yes.

Remember 1984's morning exercise where the host can chastise individuals if they aren't putting in enough effort. They were using the Infinite Power of the Cloud and basically a Kinect.

The 2 minute hate will be the ads you have to sit through watching LIVE tv instead of DVR-ing everything like a normal perso+n.