Friday, June 28, 2013

Ouya Gets Mixed Reviews - A Work In Progress

Im not sure how much you guys know about the Ouya, but its a tiny little $99 console gaming device that runs on the Android operating system. It was crowd funded via Kickstarted and finally launched this summer. Unfortunately, the early reviews have been mixed at best, however a lot of the reviewers are overlooking the very best aspect of the console - emulation of classic consoles like the NES, Genesis, NEOGEO, N64 and PS1 in a sweet little form factor.

Basically the main issue a lot of reviewers are having is the lack of quality titles at launch, and the long and short of it is, the Ouya doesnt have a"killer app:" no Halo or Infinity Blade equivalent that just makes you say wow. But it does support emulators, and apparently they work beautifully from anything like the C64/Atari2600 era all the way up to the N64/PS1. A certain gamer named  md galaxy will also be pleased to learn that it also supports MAME (which emulates arcade games) and SCUMM (which emulates classic PC games).

Now, while the Ouya is in its infancy, and will undoubtably see a huge surge in indie development and support from bigger companies like SquareEnix and Namco Bandai, the level of competition is going to go through the roof in 2014. It has been leaked that Google themselves are developing an Android based console, and as we all know, when Google sinks its teeth into something, its like a pitbull eating a Baconator.

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Chronic said...

Im buying one. A friend brought one over (it only weighs like .3 pounds lol) and its an awesome little thing, fuck the naysayers. Probably the best emulator box you can buy for $99 and some of the marketplace games are free anyway, and there are a bunch of good ones being developed. Huge potential, tons of fun, awesome value. If you dont like the controller just use any old one you have lying around, my custom MD Galaxy Arcade Stick works brilliantly.