Friday, July 5, 2013

Phil Ivey: 5bet Bluffing

There is no such thing as 5bet bluffing in No Limit Holdem. There is 3betting light (to counter aggressive raisers) and 4bet bluffs to counter those who 3bet light, but those are mostly plays you see heads up, rarely if ever in a full ring game. When someone 5bets, even HU, its always a monster. Always: JJ, QQ, KK, AA, AK, and maybe TT or AQsuited are the hands that people 5bet with (usually an all in). The math is such that you cant ever bluff preflop as a 5bet because its usually an all in or at least pot committing yourself, and risking an all in vs a 4bet when you have a weak hand which could be a 9-1 underdog is just too risky. 5bet bluffing in a ring game with 5+ players is just, its fucking suicidal.

But then, then there is Phil Ivey. When you know your opponent cant call, because you can look into their soul and see they have nothing, all the math and game theory goes out the window. Thats Phil Ivey's game in a nutshell. He just knows what you have, so what he has doesnt matter. Its part of the game that can't be taught and what separates the best players in the world from The Best Player in the world.

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