Thursday, August 15, 2013

GTA Online Trailer

Apparently GTA V's online mode is an "evolving, persistent world" - almost an MMO.


Bond said...

WHAAAT? Hw many people can this city fit?

umo said...

16 I think and it's not available for a couple of weeks after the launch! So I guess that means you can get into the singleplayer...

I'm picking up the Liberty City Stories ahead of this to get back in the groove and because there's a crazy deal here where you can trade in 2 games (including GTA IV and LCS) and get GTA V for £5.

The persistence part seems to be like Max Payne multiplayer as you can have 'crews' from there transfer over. In GTA V you will have a garage and an apartment you can put what you want in and that will persist, but how does it work in multiplayer if 5 people own the same house from previous settings?

Something about buying insurance for you garage cars in case they get wrecked and you lose them too.