Thursday, August 1, 2013

Madeon TECHNICOLOR Teaser Video

Makes me want to drop Molly and party for 50 hours straight. Comes out Aug 3rd.


umo said...

Wait, isn't that that 15 year old French kid? I guess he's a bit older now, but he burst onto the scene almost fully formed.

Chronic said...

Yeah hes 19 now, and already one of the top EDM producers. His stuff is super technical while still being really musical and just as accessible as pop music. Some people are just truly gifted - and hes put in a ton of hard work too.

I will see him perform at Electric Zoo at the end of August, its a 3-day event here in NYC and although Im not a fan of all of them, the lineup is just ridiculous - a who's who of DJs and EDM producers:

Electric Zoo 2013