Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shadowrun Returns Impressions

So Ive been playing Shadowrun Returns, and although its a type of game we dont really see much of anymore, its quite enjoyable if you go in with the right mindset and expectations. If you are a fan of the writers Neal Stephenson and William Gibson, or are familiar with classic isometric RPG games from the 1990s PC and SNES/Genesis era (like the original Fallout or Shadowrun), or if you ever played tabletop RPGs, you will love this game. It is by no means a masterpiece or anything revolutionary, but more of a testament to an older style of RP/storytelling games which died out with the advent of true 3D gaming.

The writing is excellent, and the fully realized setting and main campaign story "Dead Mans Switch" are the reason to play this game (today - many OEM and fan-made expansions will be forthcoming). In this all too realistic near-future "fantasy" setting, corporations are the main superpowers of the world, surpassing goverments or military dictatorships, and independently contracted "Shadowrunners" carry out the nefarious corporate deeds which help them achieve world domination:

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