Monday, September 8, 2008

Total Domination

Roger Federer won the US Open about 10 minutes ago, 6-2, 7-5, 6-2, in an incredibly dominating performance over 6th ranked Scottish player Andy Murray. He was relentlessly attacking the net, serving great, and returning everything Murray could hit at him. It was vintage Roger Federer. After an extremely disppointing start to 2008 for Federer, it must be quite nice to win the last major tournament of the year. Congrats Roger, I hope you win it again next year - 6 straight would be a new record.


umopapisdnpuaq said...

Having seen how long it took Nadal to beat him at Wimbledon, I'm sure Murray will not be too disheartened with the loss considering how well Federer played.

Next season should be really good (and the rest of this one).

Chronic said...

Murray is amazing, hes in that group of supergood players right below the top 3. I think on hardcourt hes top 5 in the world, definitely outclassed Nadal.