Friday, March 27, 2009

1,000+ MPH Car: The Bloodhound SSC

A British engineering team is planning to break the land speed record in the next 2 years with a hybrid rocket/jet powered car that can travel at speeds upwards of 1,000 miles per hour. The same team that broke the land speed record with the Blue Flame (630mph) and Thrust SSC (760mph), headed by Richard Noble, will attempt to build a vehicle capable of both staying on the ground and travelling over mach 1.4 - thats faster than a speeding bullet.

As the car accelerates, from 0-1,050mph in 40 seconds, the pilot, who is lying down feet first in the cockpit, will experience a force of 2.5g (2 times his bodyweight) and the blood will rush to his head. To slow down, airbrakes will deploy at 800 mph and parachutes at 600 mph. As he decelerates, experiencing forces of up to 3g, the blood will drain to his feet and he could black out.

Read more about the record breaking car here on the Bloodhound SSC Website.


md galaxy said...

There are often times when I see or read of people performing these extreme acts and feel somewhat jealous that I may never experience the same. In this particular instance though, I think I'm good.

His Noodly Appendage said...

I hope they don't let Hammond drive this one.