Monday, March 30, 2009

Is Craigslist Done?

Craigslist was the bomb for a few years there. You could buy a used laptop or guitar on the cheap and quick. Sadly, that time seems to have passed. Its still a useful tool by all means, the community postings and other sections are still good, but the for sale area of the NYC craigslist is rotten to the core now. The magical era when it was all so new, not too big or too small, and everyone who posted stuff for sale was cool and the stuff was legit is gone. Now, its totally shady. Offers for $35K cars for $5K, ipods for $30 and about 300,000 ads for various electronics - which will be shipped to you from China. Aside from it being shady, it ridiculously commercialized, and really thats the main issue for me. Its no longer individuals selling used stuff, its companies and corporations selling new stuff. I tried to wade through the postings and spam for a few legit nuggets of value, but to no avail. Its done. Next?

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elite-proxy said...

It has changed a lot. Things aren't as good as they used to be but are there any real alternatives? You could try kijiji or backpage but they really don't come close.

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