Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tom Dwan - The Hand


People will be talking about this hand for years - it is the formal introduction to the masses of 22 year old poker genius Tom Dwan. Many posters on the 2+2 and Pocket5s forums are saying its the sickest play anyone has ever made on GSN's High Stakes Poker. While Im not sure this beats Brad Booth's $300K bet with 4 high for pure sickness, this play demonstrates another planet of poker thinking that few people ever venture to. While it is a world class play, a perfect storm of developments had to come together for him to pull it off. To Dwan's credit, when he saw the winds of weakness starting to swirl, he never hesitated to drop the hammer.

In my wildest dreams I would never think of making this play, nor would 99.9% of all other poker players who have never sat with 500 big blinds in their life. But very deep stacked poker is just different, and it requires a different type of creative play to dominate. Gabe Kapler compares Dwan's hyperagressive play to Stu Unger - who many consider to be the most agressive - and best - player ever. Durrr (Dwan's online name) has utterly conquered the world of online poker, and has now set his sights on the biggest cash games and tournaments on the planet. If plays like this are any indication, Dwan has a chance to become one of the overall biggest winners - and best players - in the history of the game.


Chronic said...

Possibly the sickest part of the hand is when its over and Dwan points to Eastgate and says "he had the best hand." Lol, pwned.

Doyle contends Barry G had the best hand and Dwan responds by betting him $1000 that Eastgate had the best hand. Dwan raises the bet to $2000 and Doyle calls, and then loses when Eastgate tells the table he had 2-4.

Asked about the hand on the 2+2 Forums, Dwan (posting as Durrr) made a typical short and dry response: "viff [another forum member] taught me that sometimes u just need to empty the clip"

Empty the Clip indeed Tom. Bravo.

umopapisdnpuaq said...

Different $1 million cash game series running here. Ivey currently has over $1.1 million in chips (total of $800,000 of it is his buy-ins, some he's had to win back).

Regularly getting Hellmuth and others doing $1,200 straddles, just had one double, triple & quadruple straddled. $9,600 by Juanda. Nearly $20,000 pot before anyone has seen anything.

Durrr is playing good in this series. Went down big, but the same kind of plays can just as easily bring him back up.

Anonymous said...

that's definitely a ballsy move, but I really don't think that's the kind of play that leads to consistent winning. That is, I don't think it's a stable strategy. He got in trouble on a bad flop bet, then had to overcompensate.