Friday, March 13, 2009

Quote of the Week

"If theres not a straight flush on the flop, you cant be drawing dead with a pocket pair higher than the board!"

- "Crazy" New Jersey Eddy after seeing my pocket Jacks take down a flopped King High Flush, going runner runner to put 3 threes on the board for a full house.

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Chronic said...

Im running pretty sick lately. Its kind of gross really. Its like when you are on a really bad streak, but the total opposite. When you run bad, your draws never come in, everyone else draws hit, and you flop the nuts and lose.

Right now, other people will flop the nuts, and Ill draw out with any two cards. I ran KK into AA and QQ, got in all in preflop and hit a K on the turn. So gross. Then, all the chips add to my momentum and I start to really play my A game and steamroll the smaller stacks. Its a wave Im happy to ride, lets see how long the surf is up for.