Tuesday, September 1, 2009

God of War 1 & 2 Remastered for PS3

MD, you sir are one very lucky fellow. Not having played the original God of War 1 or 2 simply because you didnt own a PS2 or a backwards compatible PS3, you now have the chance to play a graphically superior version of the game on your PS3. The remastered version will run at 720P native, with 2x antialiasing, at a rock solid 60 frames per second. Apparently, the developers were going to upgrade some of the textures, but after looking at it closely and doing some tests, decided that the original textures looked good enough at 720P to keep them in there.

But really, resolution aside, how many current gen games really look as good as God of War 2 did on the PS2? Not many, in my experience. Textures and resolution only make up so much of a games visual impact, and for me, art design, framerate, and character animation are the top priorities. Although God of War 1 & 2 ran at 60FPS, the framerate wasnt locked and sometimes there would be slowdown or vertical sync issues - my only complaint about the game. That has all now been fixed, and the game will run perfectly and look beautiful.

The only thing left for gamers to whine about now about is the "kick in the balls" difficulty of the games, something personally I cherish and wouldnt want to see changed. Perhaps at the suggestion of some higher ups at Sony, the development team actually considered lowering the difficulty of certain sections, before laughing for a bit and spraypainting "fuck casual gamers" all over the box for the game.


md said...

damn. i might have to pick up a ps3 again...

Chronic said...

hold on wait what happened to your PS3???? again.....???

get a slim :-)

Darth said...

People consider God of War 1&2 as difficult games?

That's a joke right?

Blank said...

They were fairly easy in my opinion. You dont even have to be good at combos and stuff to do fine at the game. Then again i guess i only played Normal difficulty but still, not too hard.

Chronic said...

Darth I remember getting messages from you on xbox.com CHEERING when you beat certain sections of that game...... like:


So lets not distort history here.

Ive never beaten either game on God Mode, but Hard is certainly quite challenging and finishing the game on that difficulty felt like an serious accomplishment.

Darth if you want to show us how tough you are by video recording yourself beating God Mode for all of us noobs to watch your epic mastery of the game, Ill post it on the blog, and title the post "God of War Isnt Hard After All."

Im thinking a 30 minute video condensed of all the best fights. I would love to watch something like that, I think it would be an educational experience for all parties involved!

We still have 7 months until The Best Game Ever comes out, so there is lots of time to replay the originals and start saving for that shiney new PS3 Slim.

Darth said...

Yea I remember saying something like that, it was after I beat Theseus on titan-mode. But that was just ridiculous. Of course I meant playing games on default difficulty and I didn't say God of war 1 & 2 are easy.

I was more aiming at the casual gamers who just want to walk through games without much hardship, players that quit the game after seeing the game over screen too much because they can't figure out what they're doing wrong. I also resent the big game companies for just looking at the numbers and following the big money by making too many 'accessible' games. I'm glad the developers didn't listen to the higher ups at Sony.

Playing Gow2 on titan-mode is just masochism, a lot of moves from bosses instakill you and the first enemies in the game kill you with just 4 hits. But the enemies have very limited moves-lists and are all very predictable. Still there's very little room for error....

I would love to make such a movie but I don't have any recording equipment, I'd like to have better quality then just pointing my cam at the screen... That wouldn't work.

Also I don't seem to own GoW2 anymore... Curious...