Monday, September 21, 2009

Majesty 2 Launch Trailer

Sometimes, you watch a videogame trailer, and you just say "Man, what the hell were they thinking?" Such is the above Majesty 2 trailer. This isnt a teaser trailer, this isnt a joke trailer, this is the Launch Trailer they want you to watch and then go buy the game. Seriously, if I didnt have some inside info from notorious PC gamer Ajax999 that the game is actually pretty freakin sweet, I definitely would not pick it up based on this trailer! I mean really, I thought the recent Champions Online and Dragon Age trailers were bad (thats why I havent posted them), but this sets a new low. In fact, this is positively one of the worst game trailers I have ever seen.


Chronic said...

Watching it again on my blog, I still cant believe it. Its like someone switched out the real trailer with one designed to make you NOT buy the game.

See all that graphical encoding shmutz, screen tearing and framerate stuttering? No, Blank, thats not your lag, thats just the Majesty 2 Trailer showing off how awesome it is.

Also of note, the video is encoded for widescreen, yet the gameplay all takes place in a 4x3 aspect ratio.

And how about that voice acting?

I can understand not wanting to spend they money on a full CGI trailer. So, use some gameplay footage instead right? They have one minute to show off their in game footage, and this is the what they chose.

Truly amazing.

Darth said...

So it IS a good game? Kingdom sim? How elaborate are the options?

Chronic said...

I havent played the demo or anything. Maybe Ajax can chime in with a real opinion.

I MIGHT be able to handle it with the sound off...