Thursday, November 26, 2009

L4D2: Impressions

The game is simply awesome, its one of Valve's best efforts in years and vastly superior to the first game. Its much longer, with larger levels, tons of new infected and weapons, and the ability to use melee weapons adds an entirely new dimension to the game. Ive only played a bit of the versus mode, but downing a survivor as one of the new special infected like the Charger and the Jockey is too much fun. The game encourages teamwork perhaps more than any other coop game I have ever played. If and when you get separated from the group as a survivor, you will get attacked by a Smoker or Hunter. If you dont revive your teammates and provide them with health and pills, you will all die. The 4 survivors are compelled to work together to complete each chapter of the game, and as a result its one of the best coop games of all time.


md galaxy said...

ok ok, i bought it.

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