Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Left 4 Dead 2 IGN Review

My copy is waiting for me at Gamestop. What to trade in?


Darth said...

European release is 20th...

Chronic said...

lol @ Gamestop trade in prices:

Brutal legend: $35 (pretty decent)
Killzone 2: $21 (OK, fine)
Burnout Paradise: $9 (uh, OK)
Street Fighter 4: $4.90 (lol)
Devil May Cry 4: $3.50 (lol)
Madden NFL 08: $.63 (omfg lol)

Basically for a few bucks each I should have kept the bottom 3/ I mean 63 freaking cents? You cant buy an XBL Indie game for that much, and this cost $60 2 years ago. I dont think Im buying another football game until the Jets win the Superbowl, and lol @ that happening anytime soon.

I terms of sports games, I think Im gonna stick to Virtua Tennis 3 and MLB The Show for the time being.

umopapisdnpuaq said...

See, with Games On Demand™ you will never again face the ignominy of getting such fiddly small change and a derisory scowl, when you try and trade in $360 of merchandise.

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If you lose a Games On Demand™ game, simply download it again and see how you only pay one high price and it's yours forever*.

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md galaxy said...

I'm waiting on a copy from Gamefly. I doubt I'll buy it unless it has at least triple the content that the last one had.

Bond said...

I just got mine. I'm thinkin it's gonna be epic killin 10,000 zombies with four friends. I got mine at best buy for 44 dollars! To pre-order it there I had to pay 5 dollars and so I got 10 dollars off because I pre-ordered it.

Chronic said...

So far MD its 3x as good as the first game. The melee weapons and new infected add a lot. The Dark Carnival campaign took me and Bond over 2 hours.

md said...

The missions are that large??!?!

Sweet. It's on the way from Gamefly so hopefully I'll have it for the weekend, but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

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