Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Torchlight GT Review

This $20 downloadable PC exclusive action RPG was developed by Runic Games, a studio founded by the original creators of Diablo. Their idea when they started the studio was to make an MMO, but they decided getting a finished game under their belt first was a good idea and Torchlight is the result. Melding classic Diablo style gameplay with great graphics, high quality original music and full mod support, Torchlight looks like its going to be a winner. It doesnt have the depth of something like Dragon Age, but for $20 it doesnt have to. The reviews have been very good so far with the one common complaint being that its strictly a single player experience. I cant fault Runic for that though - they are making another game set in the Torchlight universe strictly for the purpose of online multiplayer. By making this game first, their MMORPG will be that much better.

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