Thursday, November 18, 2010

Doomswitch of Life

As some of you know Im experiencing one of my life downswings, where everything just goes to shit - including poker. Luckily, I have some awesome friends and family, and luckily, I dont really care much about money whether Ive got a lot or a little, like right now. I have some cash saved up to pay my rent and bills and stuff for a year, and some savings, and I have a couple other sources of income, so I should be ok. But I dont think Im going to be taking any trips to Vegas soon, which I was really looking forward to. Moreover, losing streaks are just disheartening - they kill your motivation to play.

When you choose poker as lifestyle, you have to take the good with the bad. So Im taking a little break from playing after running like crap in live games and bustoing my fulltilt account. I know Im a skilled player - listen, it takes a lot of skill to get all your money in drawing dead in Pot Limit Omaha - and variance is a huge factor in PLO, but still its time to reconsider why Im playing it (mostly to get better). So Im gonna take a break from PLO, and in the next week or two start grinding my roll back up playing my best game - Holdem - and hope for the best.


umopapisdn said...

I caught the end of the Jets game yesterday where they lost their big lead and left themselves a minute to win it.

So I know it was just a temporary setback for them like it is with you. They always come good in the end, right? :)

Chronic said...

NY Jets 2010 - best team in the NFL!!!

As long as my losing streaks dont last as long as the Jets (decades), I think I will be fine.