Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Left 4 Dead 2 - Sneaky Charger

Some days, it really is better to just stay on the boat and call in sick.


Chronic said...

I really think L4D2 is one of the most fun coop games Ive ever played. The only problem is, advanced mode has a distinct tendency to kick my ass, and I feel like normal is just a hair too easy.

The problem is that the difficulty was set by Valve's internal playtesters, who aside from being L4D pros, are all playing on the PC - not the Xbox 360. I know not everyone here agrees, but my belief is that shooters are much easier with a mouse and keys - I can actually snipe in TF2, Battlefield and Unreal 3. If youve ever seen me play Halo, you know that those skills dont translate over to the 360's controller.

But the point of this post is simple. I want to play more L4D2, and I want to beat every campaign on advanced. It might require some warmup laps on normal, it might require a lot of restarts and profanity, it might entail using Evil Max as a meatshield for the entire end sequence of Dark Carnival, but damnit, I want to do it.

Also, Id like to play more firefight in Reach. That shit is awesome. Let me know if you are in.

Blank said...

I certainly wasn't expecting that, imagine if it was a actual player. I'd be so pissed.