Saturday, November 13, 2010

GT: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Review


Chronic said...

I know bender has preordered it, anybody else interested?

Im not sure about myself. My instinct is to just buy the game because its Criterion and how bad could it be. But after playing the demo, its clear this is NOT Burnout, but actually a Need For Speed game. Shocker, I know, but I was hoping for a wolf in sheep's clothing. It looks like a solid racing game, but how many solid racing games have I bought over the last 4 years trying to find the next Burnout 3? Forza, Grid, Dirt, Midnight Club, NFS X Y and now Z.

Well, I guess on the bright side, haviong all these games in the rearview mirror means the next REAL Burnout game is that much closer to reality. They have to eventually make a sequel to the best selling Burnout game of all time? Dont they?

Anyway, dont be surprised if you see me playing this online sometime in the next month or two. Also, dont be surprised if you dont see me playing anymore it 3-4 months after that. Im hopefuly I can get really into it, but if recent history is any indication, its a bit of a longshot - even with the Criterion pedigree.

But who knows? Maybe I will love it. I certainly didnt expect much of Burnout 3 when I picked it up, and it eventually became part of my gamertag. Indeed, anything is possible.

BlankVoid said...

Did you know that when you have a silver account you can't send messages through You can only do it from being logged into the xbox. Which mine is currently in the living room with the bigscreen tv, not hooked up to the internet.

So yeah, its cool man I've been busy with school projects and finals and all. Probably wouldnt have much time to get on right now anyways.

Chronic said...

Ahh, OK I see. Dont worry, we will get your Gold account back in order shortly, hopefully by the time your finals are done.

Anonymous said...

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