Friday, November 26, 2010

Slavoj Zizek: The End of Times


Glorbon said...

Its amazing how his analysis of European political parties mirrors the American condition. This is an inherent problem of capitalist democracies where the soap boxes are controlled by money.

Chronic said...

Thanks for commenting, Im disappointed more people didnt do so, but its not the type of subject which lends itself well to short responses or off the cuff remarks.

I find Zizek to be an utterly compelling intellectual. I dont agree with all of his views, or his tendency to sometimes frame them in a nihilistic fashion, but he consistently makes interesting, unique observations which demand your attention.

Glorbon said...

I was impressed with his ability to view this from a detached perspective. Obviously it is important to remain objective, it just tough to recognize these societal problems and not be passionate.

I always hoped thought the internet would lift us up by freeing information and opening discussion. People don't seem to be interested in either of these. Instead we have twitter to satisfy people's short intellectually void attention spans.