Friday, July 6, 2012

The Best Shot of All Time

Stayed up all night playing poker as usual, but tonight was particularly awesome because right as the poker game was breaking, the Wimbledon semi-final between Djokovic and Federer was starting. This wasnt just your average semi-final either - this match had the feeling and importance of a final - the players have a great, historic rivalry, and if Federer wins the tournament he will regain the #1 ranking in mens tennis, something no tennis expert or fan could reasonably expect given how exceptional the current #1 and #2 players are.

The first two sets went by in a flash, with Djokovic regaining his form to draw even and take the second set. In the 3rd set both players raised their game to another level, but it became clear that Federer, on this court, on this surface, just had a higher ceiling. His forehand isnt just a weapon, its the single best shot in the history of the game. Federer won the 3rd set, and in the 4th just dominated Djokovic, aceing him with first and second serves, defending all counter attacks brilliantly, and making the world class shots which have enabled him to win a record 16 grand Slams. By the end of the match, Djokovic looked helpless; the #1 player in the world wasnt even competitive.

The Murray and Tsonga semi-final match has just started, and Im off for a nap, but I will be surprised if either of them are able to upset Roger in the final. Murray would make a great story for the Brits, and Tsonga for the French, but after watching the greatest tennis player of all time at the top of his game this morning, Im expecting nothing less than #17 for him.

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umo said...

Fed was super impressive again, he really did come very close to getting knocked out in that early round, and I think that was a hugewake-up call for him.

So the wildcard (barely got into/last minute) entry pairing of Brit Marray and Danish Neilsen won Wimbledon Mens Doubles. Beating the Bryans in the semis and then the losing finalists in the last 2 years (3 now) in the final.

Last Dane to win was Neilsen's own grandfather.

Last Brit to win other title was Andy's brother who the press seem to have forgotten about. He won the mixed doubles in 2007 with Jankovic.

If I ran a newspaper I'd have run the MARRAY WINS WIMBLEDON headline today in the hope of running an identical one tomorrow with a black marker turning the A into a U.