Sunday, July 29, 2012

Neymar Skills & Tricks

Many Americans including myself got their first real introduction to 20 year old Brazillian soccer phenom Neymar this morning in the Brazil v Belarus match, which Brazil handily won 3-1 after going down 0-1 to start the game. In a stunning display of otherworldly talent Neymar stole the show with a goal and two assists. As I told esteemed soccer fan Umopapisdnpuaq, I think now I really understand why they call it The Beautiful Game. Spain is out now, so I wont be surprised if Neymar carries his country all the way to a gold medal.


Chronic said...

Once you see the London 2012 logo as Lisa Simpson giving head, you cant unsee it. I think they need to let the internet have a go at these things for a couple weeks as some sort of formal approval before going ahead and paying $660,000 for it.

umo said...

I can tell you the exact process of the design meeting.

So, we need a logo for "London 2012. The Games of the XXX Olympiad".



Also, the Tony Blair quote in that June 2007 article

"When people see the new brand, we want them to be inspired to make a positive change in their life"

Within a couple of weeks he stepped down as Prime Minister and as an MP.

umo said...

The Olympics are kicking into gear now. The biggest shock win so far was in the 100m Breast Stroke, where a 15 yr old Lithuanian who trains in England showed up and swam 2-3 seconds faster than her PB in heat 1, fastest in the semis and just won an Olympic Gold medal.

Nobody really had heard of Ruta Meilutyte before. On twitter she was joking around about trying to get a re-tweet off 50 cent a couple of weeks ago,

Even in the last couple of days she wondered if she could get up to 1000 followers by the end of the Games (currently almost 9,000 and rising by hundreds an hour now) :) The post race interview she was just in shell shock, great to see her as surprised as everyone else.

There was also a Chinese medley swimmer who is 16 that won the womens 200m individual medley and swam the final length (50m) FASTER than Ryan Lochte swam his final 50m as he won the mens 200m indiv medley!