Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Splinter Cell Blacklist Gameplay Demo

Ubisoft showed some Blacklist gameplay at E3, and I have to say Im pretty disappointed. I cant say Im surprised though - this is just what Conviction was like. The game "looks good" - its clear they have designed the gameplay around what they want the game to look like in motion, not what necessarily makes for the most fun or most challenging game. This is what people are referring to when they say that games today "play themselves." Im not trying to be that guy, bent over with a cane and 3 foot long white beard, scratching his head and saying "In my day, Sonny, when you wanted to kill a terrorist in a Splinter Cell game, you actually had to aim at his head," but Ive got some stubble and my knees are starting to feel creaky.

French accent: "Splinter Cell: Better With Kinect!, gameplay handholding, no Michael Ironsides, and a nifty time machine that makes Sam Fischer 35 again!"

Current odds of Spies vs Mercs multiplayer: 5-1 against (a gutshot straight draw).


umo said...

Meanwhile, more Halo 4 info is coming out. Check out this early look at the new Forge.


The Infinity Slayer multiplayer mode http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=192hY1Kr0f0 has a thing called Promethean Vision, one of the 'armour ability' load-out options I think. That lets you see through walls.

This guy just flashes it for a couple of seconds for local corner peeking but I've seen it stretch across the whole map Perfect Dark style. Maybe a bit too overpowered right now, but I guess it was deasigned as a way to stop camping.

Chronic said...

Im not a big fan of the sonor goggles or Promethean Vision, I guess its OK for single player but for multiplayer games it indeed seems somewhat unbalanced.

Camping is a legitimate strategy, but its one that is more useful for average and weaker players. I like to camp sometimes in Halo because running around I often get killed a lot and hurt my team if the other team is good, but if I sneak and use camo and camp a bit or protect tactical areas, I can keep my K/D neutral and maybe help my team win.

But when you see videos of top players, playing any game from Halo to Call of Duty to Gears, they never, ever camp. They run around the map shooting people like lunatics. You simply wont get enough kill opportunities by camping as you will by constantly moving. Camping is a valid - if often hated on - defensive strategy, and I dont think trying to nerf it is something developers need to be concerned about.

umo said...

For free for all camping is it's own cost, as you say with the lack of kill opportunities. As a team, it can be part of a strategy. If you take over a stronghold like the tower on Pinnacle then 'camping' is what it's there for.

I was wondering what need this ability evolved from. I can see once it's there how hard it would be for them to remove it as it changes things so much. It kind of makes it easy for people to learn play habits. For those really good at anticipating where enemies will pop out, or those good at crouch sneaking to get to a flag stealing position their game just got that bit harder.