Monday, July 23, 2012

Massive L4D2 DLC Incoming

***UPDATE 7/24 Cold Stream has been delayed on Xbox 360 till next week!***

A brand new campaign, and 3 of the original L4D maps are coming to L4D2 via a massive DLC pack from Valve this Tuesday. Cold Stream, the new campaign, is joined by old school classics Blood Harvest, Crash Course and Dead Air. No Mercy was already released via previous DLC, so L4D2 players will essentially have the entire original game in their hands with all of the newer games features. Also, the update allows for any mutation (essentially a rules set) to be used at any time, where they were previously available only in a periodic rotation set by Valve. There are 20 mutations currently available to choose from, some which make the game easier, like Gib-Fest - where all survivors get an M60 with unlimited ammo, and some which make it much, much harder - like Nightmare and Deaths Door (you dont want to know).

The pricing for the DLC on XBL hasnt been released yet, but its going to be cheap, Im guessing 400-800 MSP. What, you dont have L4D2? *cough*MD*cough* Well, it costs $5 on ebay and and probably only a little more than that at a games store. Its on the unofficial list of awesome coop games that you officially need to own. Im going to be playing the crap out of the new DLC and various mutations over the next few weeks. Gib-Fest might even let us finally take a crack at Expert difficulty. I mean anything is possible, right guys?


umo said...

It will be 560 points and you're going to need to have The Passing DLC as well to access the mutations.

Chronic said...

It sucks that Micro$oft wont let Valve release the DLC for free, which it is on the PC, but at least we have a version for the 360 which plays and runs great and still has a very active community. In my opinion, L4D is one of the greatest all time coop franchises, and it is a modern classic.