Monday, October 8, 2012

Dishonored GT Review

I didnt look at this game too closely until I saw it was getting really good reviews, and I have to say the Steampunk Stealth concept is appealing to me. My problem now is, too many good games and not enough time to play.


Md said...

Do like I did:

Step1: preorder from bestbuy
Step 2: sell preorder bonus dlc for $20 on eBay
Step 3: sell preorder bonus USB lamp for $25 on eBay
Step 4: rejoice having gotten the game for $20 :)

umo said...

I heard the city designer for this game designed City 17, so that part is probably quite good.

md said...

yup, it's pretty cool. Gameplay reminds me of Theif and old-school Splinter Cell combined. Great fun.

md said...

Did I mention this was FUCKING AWESOME?

Chronic said...

OK Im gonna try to score a copy on ebay

md said...

BTW, here's how to get a free golden key for Borderlands2! (really)