Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halo 4 Launch Trailer

Cool live-action/CGI launch trailer for Halo 4. Im starting to get pumped.

If you dig this trailer, check out the new Forward Unto Dawn live action Halo film. 


umo said...

I've done the maths and once I've uninstalled Reach and Anniversary I should have room for Halo 4, even with it coming on 2 discs.

We know 8 GB is for the Multiplayer disc but does that include co-op campaigning? Installing both might get up around 15 GB... I just found a supposed download of the leaked game and it says 16.25GB Maybe I'll need to squeeze out a bit more space.

It has Theater Mode as listed on disc 2 and the rumour is you can't save any campaign films, which would be a pain for people sharing glitches/easter eggs or offering help with doing challenges and speed-runs.

Chronic said...

15GB, Ok thats ridiculous. If the xbox 360 came standard with a 300GB HD and there were options for 1TB upgrade, Ok make 15-20GB or more of content whatever. But I just dont have space on a 60GB drive, which is only 50GB of usable space.

Older XBLA games were 20-100MB which was great, you could have dozens of them. But now, even simple 2D arcade games like Double Dragon Neon are 1-2GB each, so really I simply cant buy these games anymore on the xbox - I dont have space. Definitely not if Im gonna have to install Halo 4.

Md said...

Just preordered. It better be good.

umo said...

It only requires 8GB for sure but initially you're going to want to not spend hours on campaign with the 360 disc drive sounding like it's going to explode as you go through the campaign. Since they changed the disc format starting with Gears 3 the drives seem to be keen to sound in pain like you asked them to grind up some coffee.

I can't remember the last time a Hurricane Season got as far as S and was still throwing storms at you. NY sounds like it's under major alert. Hope it drifts past instead.

It usually means in a couple of weeks we'll have a bunch of mild storms. That's why you think it rains all the time in the UK, you throw up all these tropical storms in the Caribbean and then they get build up to Cat 3 or 4, drop back down again and become stretched out as they cross the Atlantic and end up taking a couple of weeks to get through here as rain. :)

On the up side the reason they get funneled over is the same reason why we're not as cold as Canada or Norway, so swings and roundabouts.