Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sonic Boom

Austrian sky-diver/base-jumper Felix Baumgartner made history Sunday when he successfully jumped from 24 miles above the earth, hitting speeds of up to 729 miles per hour during his free-fall, breaking Mach 1 and with it the sound barrier at that altitude.

I watched this live today and was absolutely blown away, sitting on the edge of my couch with sweaty palms and an elevated heart-rate. I've jumped from the standard 2 miles up, falling at about 120 mph. I can't even begin to imagine what Felix must have experienced today.


umo said...

I think my fastest gravity powered descent was 40-50mph on my 5th day on skis, which happened to be on a black slope in Austria so maybe he was my ski instructor :)

Freefall for 4:20 was about the only record he didn't break. It's so great that 50 years on from setting those records Joseph Kittinger (the man in voice contact guiding Felix through) was able to see it all happen and push things further.

Joe's jump

I'm waiting for the head-cam footage from Felix to see the missing scene from Halo Reach when Noble 6 free-falls back down to the planet from space.

Bond said...

Yeah where is the head-cam footage, thats what I was thinking when I was watching the dot.

md said...

Yeah that would be great to see. I'm guessing his flat-spin would look pretty crazy. He's lucky he pulled out of that.

Chronic said...