Saturday, August 29, 2009

EA Exec On The Future of Gaming

Electronic Arts' Chief Creative Officer said that Sony and Microsoft, "nearly expired crossing the finish line as they launched their consoles," and don't want to build the next generation any time soon.

"I expected we'll see a PlayStation 3.5 before we see a PlayStation 4 and an Xbox 560 before we see an Xbox 720," Rich Hilleman told Dean Takahashi and VentureBeat."The biggest shift is how fast packaged goods games are changing and going away."

That means online distribution. On the console side, Hilleman blamed piracy and used sales for what he says is the end of games "long tail." But, he said, markets like Korea show there's plenty of growth upon which a corporate behemoth may feed.

"If I want to go to see the past of gaming, I go to Japan,"
Hilleman told Takahashi. "If I want to see the future, I go to Korea." There, he says, are 28,000 parlors where Internet gamers pay by the hour, and the establishments reap high margins off of concession sales.



md galaxy said...

So how's that project coming along, man?

Chronic said...

Really well. We have flooring and paint on all surfaces! About 2 weeks ago I was dealing with an empty white box with concrete floors, so its an upgrade.

We are trying to keep costs under control, so the MAME cabinets might not fly until November once we have been open for a while. Lots of time left for you to fly out for the weekend and help build them! The "Hotel Bender" portion of the basement is now open for business (aka a futon in the corner).

Bender is here now and he has been getting the full Grand Pizza Tour. Good times. Hope you can make it out sometime, but I know being a dad is a lot of work.

Blank said...

Cool Chronic, glad to hear everything is coming together pretty well.

Darth said...

So it's finally happening... I really hope it's going to be succesful.

Anonymous said...

I would love to shoot out there. I know I can be of help with the cabinets, or at least obtaining them.

How many do you need?

md said...

dammit, that was me^

Chronic said...

2 or 3 to start, Im not sure how popular they will be, and I can always build more.

Im guessing more people will want to play Wii Sports Resort or Beatles Rock Band than some obscure arcade games that were only released in Japan. I will set them up for classics like Donkey Kong and Pac Man as well, but you have to have at least one with some crazy bullet hell SHMUP going right?

Bullet twitch shooters might be "the past" but they still are fun for the few people that play them, so I will have at least one. The beauty of MAME is, if nobody plays it, I can always set it up for something else.

Darth said...

Need fighters! Like MvC2 or that X-men sidescrolling fighter... Or Killer Instinct!!

Maybe Mortal Kombat 2 but the MK's weren't really good fighters, they're just crowdpleasers.