Thursday, August 13, 2009

RAGE Quakecon Trailer

So this is the trailer for id software's newest game Rage, which uses their brand new Tech 5 graphics engine. The game promises a post apocalyptic, Mad Max style game world, where fuel, race wins and headshots are the commodities of choice. While the idea sounds interesting, and the game still some develpment time before its 2010 release, this trailer didnt do too much to impress me. Apparently the engine was created with developers in mind, not users, so pure graphical quality was never the ultimate goal, ease of use was, although the engine does support some ridiculous texture sizes.

Ultimately the quality and utlity of the engine will be judged by other developers, and the games they make, as well as the public who consumes them. RAGE could prove to be an intersting romp, but from the trailer alone Im thinking I might be better off playing Fallout 3 for a few hours and then a bit of Burnout 3 or Motorstorm. Those are 3 games which create unique, compelling experiences which draw the user back over and over again, and if Rage can come remotely close to duplicating the gameplay of any of them, it will be a huge success.

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BlankVoid said...

I saw the trailer and thought it was interesting. Im just wondering how much of the gameplay will actually be racing, as that is what the originally pitched it as.

I seem to be attracted to post-apocalyptic worlds though (Fallout 3, Borderlands, Gears, Rage, etc;) so i will most likely check this one out next year.