Monday, August 17, 2009

IGN Shadow Complex Review


Chronic said...

A game like this makes one ask, why dont they make full 3D games more like this in terms of design and level layout? You play something like Bionic Cammando ReArmed or Shadow Complex and you are blown away by how much depth they are able to create just by giving and taking away powers and devices and environmental obstacles to the player - in 2D.

Then you go play something like Bionic Commando, the full $60 retail game, or the new Wolfenstein FPS, and you realize how horrifically bland and uninspired their overall design is. Even the greatly vaunted Gears of War and and Halo series arent immune to this problem. If it werent for amazing online multiplayer, you wonder how much replay value they would really have.

Developers of single player action and shooting games need to go back and play through, completely, games like Castlevania Symphony of The Night and Super Metroid, and many of the other classic Nintendo and Sega action platforming games (Megaman, Mario, Zelda, Vectorman, Sonic, etc) and find out what made them so fun, so acessible, and so addicting. Only then can modern gaming return to a course of progressive game design. Shadow Complex is the frontrunner in this race to move forwards by going back and improving and expanding on ideas that were truly great and should have never been disregarded in the transition to 3D.

Right now, most games have gone backwards in design, while the graphics eat up all the dev budget. Its like they think we are playing the Atari2600 in HD.

Is making a good or even great game really that hard?

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Uber Crunch said...

Nice to know that the game has met your expectations. I'll try to pick it up sometime in the near future.