Saturday, August 1, 2009

GT Top 10 Arcade Games Part 1


umopapisdnpuaq said...

It's a good point that the games can programme us, it's like how people think of cats as our pets rather than the other way around.

We get a new game and some of them program specific patterns into us that become pavlovian. Not always intended responses either, like the Burnout 3 lobby bonghitos reflex.

Anonymous said...

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Chronic said...

Yeah, as much as I enjoy being programmed, its actually a complaint some people have about certain games. Michael Thomsen of IGN stated that he hated Punch Out!!! for the Wii, because it didnt feel like anything more than reflex based pattern-recognition-training with high quality animations.

Although I agree that there isnt a lot of depth to Punch Out!!! and many other arcade style action games, thats part of the appeal of the genre. I dont sit down to play Raiden Fighters Aces for 3-4 hours, I sit down and play it for 30 or 40 minutes at most. Pac Man Championship is a perfect example of this type of game - you have to train yourself to play the opening sequence over and over until your perfect it and playing it becomes akin to performing a choreographed dance or musical score.

There is a certain satisfaction in knowing you played it perfectly, whatever "it" may be, and although I can certainly see how this type of hardcore reflex based "programming," which defines old school game design, doesnt appeal to everyone, I know people like MD, Darth, myself, and of course yourself, Bender, really enjoy it.