Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Battlefield 1943 XBLA Debuts Today

IGN's Daemon Hatfield gave it a very nice 8.5, calling it "a fun and streamlined multiplayer shooter," and "a benchmark for digital titles." Im really excited to download it later and start blasting. I will reinstall the original Battlefield 1942 (one of my favorite PC games of all time) onto my PC and play some of both tonight and be back with updated impressions later, or possibly tomorrow.

Also, I'll be playing the brand new, free-to-play, online only PC exclusive Battlefield Heroes over the next few days which is finally out of beta and fully open to the public. My impressions for both these new Battlefield games should appear in the comments section of this post over the next few days. Just listening to the music at the start of the Iwo Jima trailer gets me so pumped up to play! Man I love Battlefield!


Michel Gondry said...

This game looks great! Can't wait for it to come out.

Chronic said...

Right off the bat, the graphics in 1943 are really good for an XBLA title. The feel of the game is pure Battlefield. The gameplay is nothing we havent seen before in previous BF and other games (Battlestations, CoD etc), so it wont blow your mind completely, but for $15 its a very worthy XBLA download. Hopefully all the lag issues and server problems are sorted out within the next week; tonight it was chaos. I will keep you posted on how the gameplay and community develops over the next 5-10 days.

I played BF Heroes for about 10 minutes, and I was also highly impressed. It might be one of the best free to play games ever.

Darth said...

I just finished my 30 min trail and I'm blown away. It's pretty balanced and the airplanes fly like a dream.

Chronic said...

1943 is amazingly addictive. The servers are still spotty, but the fact that Im willing to look past all the early issues shows me how good the game really is. If they had multiperson planes, subs, destroyers, and battleships, and 32 person+ servers, it would be a 10/10. As it is, its a 9/10. The game is just incredibly fun; I wish there were more maps and more vehicles, but the overall formula is streamlined and I cant fault them too much for that. It doesnt have quite the epic scale of 1942, but it has voice chat over XBLA, a party/squad system, and graphics that blow 1942 out of the water. Overall Im very very pleased.

Battlefield Heroes is more of a mixed bag. The graphics are totally cartoony so immediately that may turn some people off, for me I like the style and in 1900x1200 it looks amazingly crisp and vibrant. The problem is the effects are very weak, the explosions and overall game physics arent very compelling, and the planes dont handle nearly as well as 1943.

Especially after playing 1943 where everything is destructible and explodes in huge fireballs, it doesnt have the same dramatic effect. Also, you cant play with friends without renting your own server. Booooo. For a free to play game that can be run on ANY PC, and I mean ANY PC (it even has an ultra-low graphics setting lol), I have to say its impressive if not mind blowing. 1943 is mind blowing, even though its a scaled down remake of a 5 year old game, it is still incredibly engaging and a blast to play.

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