Sunday, July 26, 2009

Battlefield Heroes: Secret Agent Man

A user video showing off the stealth power of the commando.


umopapisdnpuaq said...

Can you hijack people out of vehicles? I assume when he was in the car/tank it wouldn't show up on the radar? Well map I mean. Can commandos see each other?

Chronic said...

There is no mechjacking in this game, and commandos are only invisible at medium or long range, at close range they become semi-transparent.

They only start with 80 health, compared to 110 for the soldier and 150 for the gunner (I think, I havent played as one).

As much as I loved the look and feel of the classes in TF2, the overall game design was a bit restricted and some of the levels were awkwardly laid out, and there was no advancement of your characters.

BF Heroes has a true MMO-RPG style progression system where you level up your powers and gain new abilities and items, which makes you want to keep playing and unlocking and leveling up more and more.

My biggest complaint at this point is the same as BF1943: 3 maps just isnt enough for extended play sessions, but its great for an hour or two. That being said, the game is a huge hit so far, with over 1M people downloading it, and DICE/EA have talked mighty big about their plans for the future development and expansion of the game (I dont think the same goes for 1943, but we'll see).

What are guys waiting for? The game client is under 400MB and its free and can be run on any computer! Give it a try, you have nothing to lose but time.