Friday, July 10, 2009

The Return of MechWarrior

Earlier this week, we saw a series of teaser videos showing various mech body parts moving around an urban landscape. Yesterday IGN featured an interview with Smith and Tinker co-founder Jordan Weisman and Russ Bullock, president of Piranha Games. Weisman was also the co-founder of FASA and a co-creator of the BattleTech universe that MechWarrior is based upon. They also released the first full trailer for the game, shown above.

As a huge fan of the MechWarrior franchise dating back to its origins on the PC platform, and going all the way to the critically mechjacked MechAssault 2, I can only express joy and great astonishment that the franchise is being rebooted, and it is being handled by people who know what they are doing. if you have any real interest in the franchise you should head on over to IGN and read the full interview, which is excellent and contains tons of details. The Cliff Notes are this: coming out for the Xbox 360 and PC, it will feature a 4 player coop campaign, persistent multiplayer stats and abilities, graphics based on a modified Unreal 3 engine, and it still needs a publisher. Im ecstatic they decided to totally reboot the franchise, and that the right people are behind the wheel. Its a great day for Mech fans everywhere.


Darth said...

This trailer is AWESOME!!!

I sure hope it reflects some of the gameplay they're planning for this game...

Having to eject like that makes even losing a fight awesome!

md said...


_flash back to playing the original has commenced

_ultra-nostalgia initiated

_wallet emptying