Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tron: Legacy Trailer

I consider the original Tron to be one of the great science fiction films of all time. It dazzled us with technological cinematic pyrotechnics unseen before 1982, it featured a great acting performance by the inimitable Jeff Bridges, and the story offerred an introspective exposition on metaphysics and the definitions of reality, God, and subjective human perception. To say that it was ahead of its time, or is more cerebral than many of its sci-fi counterparts such as Star Wars, does little justice to the depth of the Tron vision.

While I am excited that Disney has decided to revisit the property and make an entirely new film 25 years later, with Jeff Bridges as the lead no less - Im apprehensive and cautiously pessimistic. While the trailer footage looks nothing short of astoundingly spectacular, will the film touch the philosophical aspects of the nature of human and artificial intelligence, or will it devolve into a formulaic Hollywood thrill ride replete with a love story and a happy ending? Film making has changed a lot in the last 25 years, and I sincerely hope Tron makes the most of these changes, and doesnt suffer under the crushing weight of focus-group, screen-tested conformism.

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dys1exic said...

i a m doubly excited about the 3D aspect of the film more than anything as its probably gonna be one of the more amazing films to watch with those goofy looking goggles.

i'll watch anything in 3D.