Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bionic Commando Rearmed Video Review

IGN gave it a 9.4, with Hillary Goldstein saying "There is not a person on this planet that should go without this game." As many of you know, Bionic Commando is one of my very favorite 8 bit NES games of all time. To see it honorably resurrected to its proper original 2D form, with incredible new graphics and bosses, is truly a dream come true. Five years ago, something like this, or Mega Man 9, was unthinkable. 2008 is the year when downloadable games have come into their own, and at this point I could honestly recommend buying an Xbox 360 just for the XBLA games. This latest re-envisioning of a true 8 bit classic appears to be the crowning jewel.


christopher said...

The game looks wonderful; however, I'm not sure about the controls. They seem a bit finicky, at least on the Xbox. When grappled onto a ledge, I wish that you could start swinging back and forth again after you've come to a complete stop.

Chronic said...

Dude the learning curve is steep. BC controls like no other character in videogame history so dont expect to master him in the first few hours with the game. This is a game that really rewards a lot of playtime. Ive played the original over a dozen times and I have to say they did an amazing job with the controls, it feels 99% perfect. They must have literally reverse engineered the code from the NES original. Also, the game was never considered easy - along with Mega Man and Strider this was considered to be one of Capcom's more hardcore efforts, so just remember that when you are falling and dying constantly. The first time you played Burnout, you crashed constantly, the first time you played Ninja Gaiden, you got sliced up constantly. Spending time with the game will give you the skills to finish it. This is the type of game thats meant to be played over and over, until you can beat it with 1 continue.