Saturday, August 2, 2008

Skate 2 Trailer

Amazingly, not even 11 months after the original game was released we are already hearing about Skate 2. Fortunately, the game looks to be just about everything you would want it to be: a totally revamped city, expanded trick set, the ability to get off your board and walk around, interact with movable objects in the world such as benches and tables, do handplants and hippie jumps, and play as a female character. The new game now runs at a liquid smooth 60 frames per second, incredible when you consider the increased texture work, lighting and shading. The developer has referred to Skate 2 as "epic" in breadth and depth, representing a geometric, exponential expansion of the game design rather than a linear progression which would have resulted in Skate 1.5

I think the original game is still fantastic and I play it regularly even though only 1 person on my friends list has it and I met him online in the game! Nobody else on my friends list took to it. The controls are totally unforgiving and it takes quite a while to get your head around them before you can interact comfortably with the world, and even then half the moves seem impossible to pull off with 100% consistency. But the whole things just looks, sounds, and feels so great you forgive the steep learning curve and just keep getting back on your board, broken ribs and all. It sure doesnt play like Tony Hawk - and thats why I keep coming back to it.

Skate is a great game but it never crossed over into the mainstream because it was bit too hardcore, but if they refinine the controls and the single player missions structure a bit differently, to ease the player into the world with a smooth learning curve rather than throwing them into the wilderness butt naked, and then top it all off with a massively mutliplayer persistent online world with a ton of stuff to do, EA could have a truly monster franchise and possibly one of the best console games of this or any generation.

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