Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Robot Olympics

The video isnt playing for me, if you can fix it MD give it a shot.

For the rest of you, open the video by clicking at the top if it doesnt play.

Chariots of Fire playing in the background makes this video.

Yeah, it was kind of a slow news day in the gaming world. That, and Im going to play Dungeons and Dragons with a few old friends for the first time in roughly 15 years, so I dont have time to write anything. And I still havent sent MD this damn box of broken game controllers, or that guy on ebay his copy of Civilization Revolution.

Civ Rev isnt a bad game at all, I think maybe its the best possible way to introduce someone to Civ, but having played the PC version of Civ 4 and its expansions for years its hard to have so much user control over the play experience removed. Not being able to pick the map size and game speed is probably a good thing for newer players but I just cant help but feel like the default speed a a hair too fast. You go from having Knights to having Riflemen to having Tanks in a dozen turns if you spend all your resources on Technology.

Even with small maps, its easy for your army to become outdated by the time it reaches another civilization's distant capital city. Also, the AI is much more agressive than in ealier versions of Civ, unless you shower them with gifts and bribes, and give in to their every demand. Ghandi - who in the PC version plays a very peaceful, diplomatic AI routine, sent in his Knights after the slightest disagreement over some Tech that he wanted from me. Probably my fault for blasting his borders with massive amounts of culture, but the interactions with the AI still feels different enough from the PC version that my actions feel out of place. I guess if I wanted to really play Civ Rev and beat it on Diety setting, I would have to unlearn what I have learned form Civ 4. The problem is, its hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

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No problem on those controllers man.