Friday, August 22, 2008

Gametrailers Top 10 Hardest Games

This week Im doing a piece on the hardest games of all time. Im starting off with Gametrailers top 10 list, which is pretty solid. Most of these games made it onto my list, which will be at least 25 games. My question to you is: what makes a game hard?

Discuss! Tawk amonsgt yuhselves!

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md galaxy said...

If I call a game hard, it's usually, USUALLY, frustrating. For me, hard translates to painful. But if I'm having fun, regardless of how difficult it is, I never say it's hard, just great. But that's a vocabulary/definition problem so forget that.

Hard is where every single movement you make could result in potential death and every shot you fire has to be placed intentionally or it could ruin your score and ultimately make you start over. Hard is... oh wait... Ikaruga. Yeah. That's hard. But not PAINFUL hard (if you like pain).