Tuesday, August 5, 2008

R-Type Coming To XBLA

"The Bydo empire must be destroyed. Again. The Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification has rated a new title in the series, named R-Type Dimensions, for an upcoming Xbox Live Arcade release. The surprise announcement, dug up by GamerBytes, shows that Microsoft will publish, but that developer Tozai will handle all the coding wizardry.

Unfortunately, there's little else in the way of concrete info for R-Type Dimensions, such as whether it will be a totally new entry in the series or a HD remake of a previous entry. Whatever the outcome, we don't care. It's R-Type!"

-Michael McWhertor of Kotaku

I hate to be the one to say this, but I never really got into the R-Type series. I downloaded them via PSN, but after finding myself trying to memorize EVERYTHING in the levels into order to pass them, I was done. Pretty funny coming from a guy who's a self-proclaimed Ikaruga obsessor. I'm sure Chronic on the other hand is a fan of the series. Maybe this is my own chance to finally get into it.

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Chronic said...

Yeah, R-Type is awesome. Its really one of the true classics of the genre. I think they got better as they went along, with R-Type Delta and R-Type Final being the two best, although the original is great, it can be a bit frustrating! Its a bit of a memorize-em-up but you can be creative as well.

I really hope its a brand new game rather than a remake. I realize thats unlikely given them price point they have to sell it at. There is just no way they can make something along the lines of R-Type Final under 150MB and for $10. Ill be interested in what they come up with, but given the state of the industry moving towards more casual games and remakes, I have a bad feeling this could be R-Type "light" with a rewind button and motion controls. We'll see.