Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Beast Is Unleashed

Did you see the Project Trico video below? You see the chain tying that animal down? Thats what was just cut off the leg of The Beast, aka Alex Rodriguez. All the BS surrounding him, about steroids, his hip injury, his fling with Madonna, his wife and his divorce, everything was cut free the day he started playing baseball again. You can hear it in the postgame interviews. "Im just happy to be playing baseball."

Happy is right. After hitting a game trying, bottom of the ninth 2 run homerun in prelude to yet another Yankees comeback win about 40 minutes ago, Arod's season statistics are frightening: 10 hits. 7 home runs. A clean .400 on base percentage. And people just dont want to pitch to him. Brad Lidge, who is by all accounts one of the best closers in the game, started Arod out with 5 hard sliders, all diving down in the zone. On the 6th pitch, a 3-2 count, he threw a high outside fastball, the thinking being whatever you do dont come inside to this guy.

But Arod just doesnt care. Hes not like other power hitters. His power is vast, nearly omnipotent, and multidirectional. He waited on the high outside fastball and went with it, sending a screaming line drive the opposite way into the right field seats. Tie ball game. Stadium explodes. Lidge deflates. Cano gets a hit. Steals second. Melky doubles. Game over. Yankees Win! (John Sterling voice): Thaaaaaaaaaa Yankees win - in highly dramatic fashion, yet again.

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Chronic said...

The Yanks are now 25-18 and seem on a solid pace to win 95 or 100 games. They cant win everyday like this all the time, but games like this build so much character for the team down the road. When they are down late, they know for a FACT that they can still pull it out. Lets just shore up the relief pitching, get Wang straightened out, and everything else will fall into place for a huge 1st year in the new Stadium.