Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fuel: Biggest Racing Game Ever


BlankVoid said...

Im looking forward to this game so much, but they keep changing the release dates. Originally it was May 12th, then it was moved back to May 26th. Now a few websites are saying May 29th and others are saying June 5th.

I have my money all ready just sitting there waiting for this game and the just keep pushing it back.

umopapisdnpuaq said...

It's a bad name for a game. There's a growing trend, I know that they've fostered themselves. DIRT, GRID, PURE, FUEL.

Come on guys, read some books, play some scrabble, get more than 7 points in a turn.

How can there be any identity with the game. There are 169 million search results for "Fuel".

It's a cheap cop out, if they can't have original ideas with the name how original will the game really be?

At first glance it does look like a good game to explore, but I've seen a Toranado Race video where the car gets virtually no damage and I'm not sure if there's a Boost button yet.

I hope for some Sega Extreme Sports style checkpoint marker races. They're saying a big emphasis will be on user created races that can be shared. I wonder how though, will there be a proper website for the community? Or just some flash heavy marketing crap?

That said, I'm sure there'll be more than enough to be worth getting.

BlankVoid said...

Reviews are coming in citing that theres no real reason to explore, and that the handling is awful.

Im thinking i should rent this one before i buy it just to save myself sixty dollars.